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Residential heating repair services

Service and Repair

HomeStyle Heating offers full service and repair on all boilers, furnaces, and heaters.  We strive to provide the best service and fastest repair time turn around possible.  With our climate being so harsh and unpredictable we need to have all heating systems in working condition year round.


How do I know I need service?

Knowing when to call for service can be crucial to you and your heating system.  Some signs include:

-Unfamiliar noise

-Inconsistent heating

-Excessive fuel consumption

-Water or gas leaks

-Foul smells

-System running too long or too short

-Problems with thermostats/zones


What services can I do as a customer?

The best thing you can do yourself for your heating system is to periodically check it.  Replacing your air filters in your furnace every 3 months depending on usage is very beneficial.  A dirty air filter can take life off your furnace and cause it to work harder than it needs to.  Having clean and filtered water is very important for your boiler and water heater.  Make it a habit to replace whole home filters often.  The minerals in New Hampshire are prone to eating away at the system from the inside out causing premature failure and costly repairs.


Annual Service

Why is annual service so important? The key to a healthy and reliable heating system is to have one of our professional technicians service the system with our extensive multipoint checklist to ensure you are getting the most efficiency and reliability out of your heating system. Having a thorough service performed can prevent future issues that could be very costly and take years off your heating system’s life.

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